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Maidstone 1547-1660


The origins, prestige and integrity of the earliest Maidstone jurats

Fascinating information about familiar Maidstone names from original sources.

Full references, index and bibliography.  Based on the author's MA research


  • A beautiful example of how local history can illuminate national: how the borough records of a provincial town can demonstrate the intertwining of civil and religious life at a pivotal time in our history  (Peter Wilkinson MA, Deputy Archivist for West Sussex)
  • A detailed piece of research which makes a real contribution to the history of Maidstone  (Kent Historian Dr Jacqueline Bower)
  • A wealth of information on the great and good of Maidstone (Dr Sheila Sweetinburgh, University of Kent)
  • Well done, you have brought it all to life! (Cornish local historian Barbara Birchwood-Harper BA)
  • An impressive book. There are not many books on the subject of Maidstone, and little about the period of 1549 - 1660, so this is a valuable piece of research (Andrew Buckle, Maidstone artist who collects books about the town)


Councillor Peter Parvin (Mayor in 2009) and his wife Councillor Daphne (Mayor in 1999) read about their predecessors at the launch. 

ISBN 978-0-9563584-0-0 


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