Mini-biographies 1550-1660

Over the last twenty years (beginning before Wikipedia and Google) Judy has been compiling mini-biographies on a pocket PC, gathering information from books, in churches and in stately homes, wherever she has visited.

Nowadays it is easy to read full biographies on-line, in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and on other websites. But there may still be extra facts here, especially for the less famous, which add something to other sources.

In 2011 this database was expanded to include infomation collected for Judy's MA on the Maidstone jurats.  It also includes yeomen and other residents of the "middling sort".  Less information has survived for poorer people, but the database does include a few who left property worth as little as £5.

In 2014 work is in progress to add transcripts of documents about people in Maidstone an neqarby Kent, and unpublishing pages about others which are not useful. 

Some information here is perhaps worthwhile because it may not be available elsewhere on the internet, but please note that the notes were originally collected for personal use.  Please forgive variations in style and references, and email us if you spot mistakes or want to check missing references.